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At Agricola Cerro Prieto we maintain a solid commitment with quality. The health and safety of our products are manifested along the entire production and sales process.


We are well aware that the sustainability of our business depends that our practices be environmentally viable.


We believe that environmental sustainability is an important part of the quality of life of the community.


Caring for the environment has been evident since the design and planning of the irrigation channel began. This has had a positive impact on our consumption of electric energy.

Labor Welfare

For Agricola Cerro Prieto, our human team is the most important resource in the company. Its quality, commitment, and contribution are essential to achieve sustainability.


As a socially responsible company, Agricola Cerro Prieto responds to the needs of its employees seeking their satisfaction and well-being, taking care of their health and safety in the work place and facilitating adaption to change.

Our Community

Agricola Cerro Prieto is concerned not only about the environment but also about the communities that surround us. We have invested in infrastructure which has allowed us to optimize the use of the Gallito Ciego Dam. This dam has reduced the days of water shortages to a minimum.


The valley where we are located has greatly benefited from this investment. Currently, the growers in this valley can cultivate a wider range of products year-round.

Good Agricultural Practices

To talk of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) is to talk of a tool that has as its objective the proper management of agricultural production, based on hygiene, food safety, the safety of those who consume the products and the environment.


Agricola Cerro Prieto has implemented, since its inception, the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program. We have high class workers committed to a sustainable agricultural program and a conscious development of the environment and all its related groups of interest. This process is vital as part of our effort to provide safe and healthy agricultural products.

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