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Agrícola Cerro Prieto makes available to its employees, suppliers, customers and third parties its Ethics Line channel as a means of safe and responsible reporting on the occurrence of irregular behaviors that go against the values of the company's and the guidelines established in its Code of Conduct.


It is a direct communication channel with the Internal Audit Unit of the company, governed by objectivity, confidentiality, and independence in which the anonymity of the people who decide to use it is guaranteed.

Relevant information for the complaint:

What is the incident or irregularity?


How, when and where did the incident happen, is happening or will happen?


Who are the people or companies involved, or that witnessed the incident?


How many times did the incident occur?


What could have caused or led to the occurrence of the incident?


Was there, is or will there be an economic fraud to the detriment of the company? Please describe.


If there is evidence, where we can consult it?

The Code of Conduct of Agrícola Cerro Prieto is intended to be a guide to a behavior-oriented practice of values, quality, efficiency and integrity in our activities.

For complaints related to safety and health at work, and sexual harassment, the means to report the complaint is through management of Human Resources. If the alleged harasser belongs to the area of Human Resources, the complaint is to be presented to the General Manager.

Email: linea.etica@agricolacerroprieto.com


Phone Number: 01 202-7415


Personal Interview:

Fundo - Internal Audit Staff

Lima - Dean Valdivia 111 - Of. 901 San Isidro


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