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ACP's 20th Anniversary

Actualizado: 18 ene 2021

Dear friends and partners,

It is with great joy and pride that we share with you some thoughts after our 20th anniversary. On this special date we look back at what Agrícola Cerro Prieto has meant for all of us and for the agro-industrial development in Peru.

20 years ago, a group of businessmen, convinced that Peru should better exploit the wealth of its land and its produce, arrived in the northern part of the country, where today our main operations are located, with the visionary idea of ​​converting an arid desert on arable land.

In 2000 we were awarded the lands auctioned by the Peruvian State as part of the first stage of the Jequetepeque Zaña Special Project (PEJEZA). By signing an agreement, we committed to carry out a series of investments and actions that would make the project viable, including the construction of a 27 km long private irrigation canal. In 2004, with the construction of the first stage of this canal, we were able to start with our first plantings of cotton and corn, as well as with experimental batches of avocado, grape, pomegranate, asparagus, among others. In 2008, we completed the construction of this eco-friendly water supply system which, by taking advantage of the geography of the land, pressurizes the water to irrigate 75% of the land without using electricity.

Despite the investments, there were still obstacles that made it impossible to develop permanent crops in the valley. One of them was the number of days that the water supply was interrupted due to the maintenance that had to be done to the main dam. This is how we began our contribution to the valley by donating gates and filter grids to reduce cut-off days from 90 to 7. In this way, we made it possible for small farmers from Valle Viejo to plant permanent crops.

Meanwhile, at Cerro Prieto we started our first avocado plantings, which we supplemented with cotton and various types of peppers. It was in 2012 that we exported our first container of avocados and we began expanding and diversifying our produce portfolio more and more until we reached today, when we are considered one of the most important agro-industrial companies in the country, dedicated to producing, packing and commercialize export crops such as avocados, blueberries, grapes and asparagus.

Currently Cerro Prieto has 4,600 hectares in Chepén, La Libertad; 250 hectares in Santa Rosa, Lima where our Qali Fruits branch operates; has test hectares assigned to research and development in Arequipa and owns 341 hectares in Colombia, which represents our most recent international expansion. We also have a fresh produce packing plant with the highest technological standards in the world over an area of ​​more than 35,000 m2.

Throughout the years, we have dedicated significant resources to technological innovation, we have invested in research and generated alliances, placing special emphasis on efficient water use, organic fertilization and pest control with biological methods.

We are committed to reducing our water footprint, as well as to sharing value the communities around us, allowing them to have a responsible use of water. This awarded us the Blue Certificate in 2020, with which the National Water Authority - ANA recognizes water-responsible companies.

Today we are also active members of the community where we operate, contributing to the development of the region with various projects in education and health such as the improvement of educational infrastructure through the works for taxes system, the strengthening of teachers’ and students’ capacities. through alliances with programs such as Qué Maestro and Enseña Perú; organic garden programs, construction of health services infrastructure and the execution of health campaigns for the benefit of our nearby communities.

Currently the Cerro Prieto Group exports fruits to the most demanding customers in different markets around the world. We reach 3 continents, with 50 thousand tons of products that feed more than 200 million people through our commercial partners in supermarkets, restaurants and wholesale chains.

All of this has been possible thanks to the trust of our shareholders and the commitment of our more than 8,500 employees, who focus on the field to achieve the best quality of our world-renowned products. We take care of them and we offer them the best working conditions possible because we know that they are a fundamental piece to meet our goals.

In 20 years there are many more things that we could highlight, but everything mentioned does a fair honor to those who preceded us in the birth and development of the Cerro Prieto Group, Alfonso Bustamante y Bustamante and Carlos de la Guerra Sisson (✟). We maintain their inspiration and their commitment to bring the best of our land to the world, taking care of our people and our resources.

With great enthusiasm, we are ready to begin the journey of the next 20 years. We hope to continue having your company and deserving your trust.

Best regards,

Alfonso Bustamante Canny Alfredo Lira Chirif

Chairman CEO

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