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Agrícola Cerro Prieto in the Business Summit of the Pacific Alliance

In recognition of its policies and actions implemented in the environmental and social sphere, Agrícola Cerro Prieto participated in the business panel of the VII Summit of the Pacific Alliance, along with other top companies from the four countries member of the alliance. These companies were chosen as Lighthouse Companies to serve as an example and inspiration to others. Their speakers shared testimonies about good practices that they have implemented in the 4 dimensions the “Pacific Alliance Business Commitment and Report” project promotes: (1) Covid-19; (2) Labor; (3) Economic and Competitive; and (4) environmental and social.

Alfonso Bustamante Canny, Executive President at ACP, shared the work carried out by the entire Cerro Prieto team, under the leadership of its General Manager, Alfredo Lira, to achieve the best coexistence with the communities surrounding our operations. In this sense, he highlighted the work that is being carried out in the areas of health, education and water care, to achieve socially and environmentally sustainable agriculture. He also mentioned the company has been doing to give the same opportunities to women, as well as the new Zero Anemia project that we will focus on in 2021.

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