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Cerro Prieto among companies that lead change in Peru

With the pandemic as a framework, resilience of the business sector has been tested as companies have had to reinvent themselves and adapt to the new normal. EY, El Comercio (the main national newspaper in Peru) and Asbanc (the Peruvian Banking Association), held a recognition ceremony to award the 2021 Business Leaders of Change (LEC) nominees. 28 entrepreneurs were recognized, grouped into five categories: Young Entrepreneur, Medium Company, Large Company, Large Consolidated Company and Large Corporate Company.

An evaluation committee selected these companies based on their reputation and trajectory, focusing on their leadership to promote development and growth within the company.

We are very proud our Executive President, Alfonso Bustamante Canny, is one of the nominees in the Large Consolidated Company category. The final election of the 2021 Business Leaders of Change will be take place in March.

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