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Cerro Prieto donates flowmeters to Chepén Regional Hospital

Equipment will help patients requiring oxygen

Chiclayo, April 2021 - Agrícola Cerro Prieto added a new contribution in the fight against Covid - 19, with the donation of 16 oxygen flowmeters that will serve to expand the response capacity of the Regional Hospital of Chepén.

Dr. Jorge Torres, Executive Director of the hospital, expressed his gratitude for this donation which will allow oxygen to be correctly supplied to the patients who are hospitalized. He also highlighted all the support that Cerro Prieto has provided them since the beginning of the pandemic which includes protective equipment, refrigerated containers and an oxygen plant.

Victor Cumpa, Head of Social Responsibility of Agrícola Cerro Prieto, presented the donation, pointing out that the company has been constantly supporting the fight against the pandemic, both in the valley and in other northern cities, and that Cerro Prieto's commitment is to continue working on health programs and projects that benefit the most disadvantaged groups in its surrounding communities.

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