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Responsible with water

Actualizado: 20 ago 2020

For any company dedicated to agriculture, in addition to the land and the quality of the seeds it uses, water is perhaps the most important resource. That is the case of our company, which has always been concerned about managing this resource correctly and responsibly.

"At ACP we have measured our water footprint since 2018. Since then, we have been setting goals for the impact we have in the region relative to the water consumption we have," says Alfredo Lira, CEO of Agricola Cerro Prieto.

ACP aims to achieve a reduction in its consumption through a series of solutions that are in the process of evaluation. "We are evaluating a new type of fertilizer, based on microalgae, as well as another solution, which is to sow blueberries in pots, which could help us reduce our water consumption."

That is the reason ACP has established an alliance with Heliae Development LLC, aimed at conducting research and development in different agricultural processes, prioritizing the efficient use of water, organic fertilization and pest control with biological elements. "We hope that at the end of this research we will be able to optimize the use of water and increase the area of ​​productive land for ACP”, says one of the Heliae staff members.

The next step, once the research stage is completed, will be to put the results into practice and share these findings with the small farmers of traditional crops in the region, so that they too can benefit from this knowledge, and take advantage of the water. in the best way.

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