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Seeking Innovative Solutions

As part of our commitment to water care and innovation, we sponsored and actively participated in the Solveathon held in our country within the framework of CADE Digital, with the aim of getting quick ideas on how to address the water deficit through sustainable solutions. This Solveathon was held on March 26 with the MIT methodology for digital challenges. Leslie Sarná, CEO of Irrigadora Cerro Prieto, as well as other leaders of Agrícola Cerro Prieto (Marie Parodi, Álvaro Portal, Diana Talavera, Jossy Vega, Maria Teresa Ccollcca, Ronald Ruiz and Wendy Chilcón), had an active participation as panelists and facilitators of the sessions.

The next step for the winning team will be to work with us to develop its solution and to demonstrate the impact it can have in generating resilient ecosystems.

Juan Necochea, MIT Solve representative, invited the winning team to participate in the MIT Solve Global Challenge competition.

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