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Ethical Line


Our collaborators, suppliers, clients and third parties will be able to communicate in a secure and responsible way possible irregular behaviors, which go against the compliance of the code of conduct and the values ​​of the company, through the following means of communication

Phone Number


Mobile Phone - Whatsapp


Personal Interview

Fundo: Internal Audit Staff
Lima: Dean Valdivia 111, oficina 901, San Isidro 

Relevant Information for the Complaint

What is the incidence or irregularity?

How, when and where did the incident happen or will it happen?

Who are the persons or companies involved, or witnesses of the incident?

How many times did the incident occur?

What would have originated or motivated the occurrence of this incidence?

Was there, is there or will there be economic fraud against the company? Detail If there are tests, where can we consult them?

Offices Lima
Dean Valdivia 111  Oficina 1002
Urb. Jardín San Isidro Lima Perú

Central Telefónica: (511) 619 3900
Chiclayo Estate
Panamericana Norte Km 733
Pacanga Chepén La Libertad Perú
Documentation of the Criminal Regulatory Compliance System
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