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2021 CSR projects

This year we will continue to contribute to the development of our communities. That is why we have defined to continue with some projects already started and will start new projects based on our sustainable pillars: health, education and water. The projects we will focus on are:

Zero Anemia, to eradicate anemia in children living in our area of ​​influence, as we know that the development of cognitive abilities occurs in the first 5 years of life and is essential for their future performance.

School farming, in alliance with some of our clients, Qaliwarma and UGEL, with the aim of promoting good food and nutrition, as well as love for the land and agriculture.

Enseña Perú and Qué Maestro, two programs that reinforce the capacities of students and teachers in rural communities. This year we will finance the participation of 4 professionals from Enseña Perú and will offer the Qué Maestro program to more than 20 teachers in Chepén.

Water projects, we will continue with our shared-value program in conjunction with the Talambo Commission with works that contribute to a better water management in the Jequetepeque Valley, as well as with training the leading farmers of the valley in different water topics.

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