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ACP receives Blue Certificate

Agrícola Cerro Prieto recently received the Blue Certificate, granted by the National Water Authority of Peru (ANA) to water-responsible companies, which manage to fulfill the commitments assumed for the measurement of their water footprint, the execution of a project to reduce water consumption and the development of a shared value project in water.

ACP began this process back in 2017 and it has had several stages with different works were carried out. The construction of a WWTP to reuse water in green areas’ irrigation, which has achieved a 7,653 m3 reduction in water consumption equivalent to the water used by 1,728 people in one month. The Talambo Commission was also provided with basic water control infrastructure to improve the efficiency, availability, accessibility and distribution of water among its local farmers. Finally, the shared value project carried out by Cerro Prieto consisted of the construction of bridges and gates in various areas of Talambo, such as Cerro Colorado, Mancoche Alto and Aviation 1, benefiting 1,625 users.

"We are proud to have obtained this certification that recognizes our commitment to responsible water management," said Leslie Sarná, general manager of Irrigadora Cerro Prieto, the subsidiary company in charge of water management for the Cerro Prieto group. “Since we established ourselves in the north of the country, we have assumed the ambitious goal of working our fields in the most responsible way, and getting the Water Authority to recognize what we do, motivates us to continue working for a sustainable agriculture that contributes to the efficient use of water in our community”, she added.

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