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Better infrastructure for better education

Reaffirming its commitment to education, Agrícola Cerro Prieto (ACP) will be investing S/ 2,667,681.93 (around USD 765.000) in the improvement of the Educational Center No. 81904 - Los Parques, located in the district of Pueblo Nuevo (Chepén - La Libertad), under the Works for Taxes mechanism (which allows private firms to “pay” their income taxes in advance through the execution of public works projects), to give kindergarten and elementary school students the possibility of accessing a modern educational infrastructure. Since its foundation 30 years ago, this is the first time this public elementary school will have a renovation, giving it the possibility to double its students’ population.

The head of Social Responsibility of ACP, Víctor Cumpa Sandoval, explains the details of the project, which will include a multiple purpose room, a sports court, a playground and central courtyard, as well as modern classrooms which will benefit kindergarten and elementary school students.”

This is the second project around education that Cerro Prieto carries out under this modality. With the improvement works at schools, ACP maintains its commitment to contribute to a better education for children and the development of the communities where it operates; in this case, for the benefit of 500 families.

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